spring water on tap - stainless steel tankWith our fine spring water on tap option, you will have guaranteed clean water at your fingertips at all times, without the hassle of water dispensers and bottles. Through a 60 gallon tank, 100% pure Palomar Mountain Spring Water is distributed straight from the source to a water tap that can be plumbed to your kitchen sink, refrigerator water dispenser, ice maker, your wet bar or any other any other destination of your choice. Imagine better tasting coffee, tea, fruit juices, soups, ice cubes, and mixed beverages. Many of our fans also use spring water on tap for cooking purposes.

We also install Palomar Mountain Spring Water on tap at businesses, where it can be distributed to drinking fountains, coffee makers, hot and cold water dispensers and as an ingredient for food and beverage manufacturing.

As there is no packaging involved with tapped spring water, you will support a better environment as there is zero waste involved. That makes consuming Palomar Water a sustainable, environmentally friendly way to enjoy our great tasting spring water.

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