History of Palomar Mountain Spring WaterMany years ago, the residents of Palomar Mountain purchased 160 acres of land on Palomar Mountain, Southern California. This land had springs with the purest of nature's wonders; natural spring water. In March of 1985 they established Palomar Mountain Spring Water and developed a water delivery system to bring this 100% natural drinking water to the homes and businesses of San Diego County. This system was so unique that the public response was overwhelmingly positive; Palomar Water could deliver pure spring water from the top of the mountain directly into a 60-gallon reservoir for residential and commercial use.

In 1989 two business associates formed a partnership and started a bottling line, making sixteen ounce to 2.5-gallon bottles of the Palomar spring water available to merchants and chain stores throughout San Diego County.


History of Palomar Mountain Spring Water In June 2005, Eric de Jong, a San Diego North County resident, purchased Palomar Mountain Spring Water and its distribution facility. Eric is part of the De Jong Family that has strong ties in the community ever since they emigrated from the Netherlands in 1949. Eric has made efficiency improvements and expanded the suite of waters to include, amongst others, sparkling water and flavored water; and he made Palomar Mountain Premium Spring Water available to restaurants . However, he did not change the bottling process, which has continued to be the success of Palomar Mountain Spring Water.

Today Palomar Mountain Premium Spring Water is delivered to homes, offices and restaurants. Our fine water is available at the Palomar bottling facility and selected convenience stores.

Palomar Mountain Spring Water offers a variety of waters and dispensers to meet every residential and commercial need.