PALOMAR MOUNTAIN PREMIUM SPRING WATEROur naturally alkaline spring water is sourced from free-flowing springs located high atop Palomar Mountain in San Diego County, Southern California, that has been there since the beginning of time. Our springs lie away from civilization in the cleanest air of the USA; polluted smog never reaches Palomar Mountain as the clean Pacific airstream flows over undeveloped and untainted Camp Pendleton, straight to Palomar Mountain.

Rain and snow soaks into the prehistoric granite that Palomar Mountain exists of and seeps through the cracks that have been formed in the course of millions of years. It takes between 10 and 125 year for this water to reach our underground springs and all these years it has been filtered and cleaned by nature itself, untouched by man.

We collect our naturally alkalized water straight from the source and transport it directly to our bottling facility in stainless steel water tankers. We do not add to or change our water so you can enjoy high quality, pure, clean and healthy spring water in the way Mother Nature had in mind.

Our fine water is tested several times a week with impeccable results every time: our spring water is always pure. You can test our water yourself, by visiting our spring on the South Grade Road, close to the top. We make our spring water available to all visitors so you can taste our pure spring water.

Palomar fine water is bottled in various sizes, including dispensers.