Sparkling Water Delivery Service

Over the last couple of years, sparkling water has exploded in popularity, despite it being around for a few decades. Sparkling water is created by simply adding carbon dioxide to ordinary water. The carbon dioxide creates a bubbling texture in the water, similar to other carbonated drinks such as soda and beer. Sparkling water is also commonly referred to as seltzer water, club soda, soda water, and more. One of the benefits of drink sparkling water is that you get the sensation of drinking your favorite soft drink without all the sugar and calories. Sparkling water can also help you lose weight. In addition to replacing soda with sparkling water, the carbonation helps to keep food in your stomach longer, making you feel fuller. Sparkling water also aids in digestive health.

Whether you are looking to get sparkling water delivered to your restaurant or you want to enjoy the nice refreshing bubbles at home, Palomar has got you covered. We offer sparkling water delivery services throughout the metro San Diego area.

Our best-selling sparkling water comes from our naturally alkalized spring water from the springs on the Palomar Mountain. The only ingredient we add to our product is CO2. The sparkling water is delivered in designer flip-top one-liter glass bottles. The flip-top is a secure enclosure that allows the CO2 to stay fresh for a long-time, ensuring that your water won’t arrive flat. Our sparkling water delivery service arrives in high-quality designer grade glass bottles. These bottles will look good on the restaurant table or inside the refrigerator. We pride ourselves on providing our sparkling water without any waste. All our bottles are brought back when you get your next delivery and then cleaned and reused.

If you have any questions about our sparkling water delivery service, feel free to contact a member of our team!

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