Purified Water Delivery Service

While you have been told that drinking plenty of water every day is healthy, it depends on the quality of water that you are drinking. Water that comes from a tap travels through basic filters before it eventually travels up through pipes that are decades old and contain lots of dirt and bacteria. Unfortunately, this will find its way into your water and eventually into your body. Prolonged exposure to dirt, bacteria, and undesirable minerals in your water can lead to a wide range of health issues down the road.

Palomar Premium drinking water is on a mission to help you get the healthiest water possible. We offer low mineral and purified water delivery service. This ensures that you are getting the healthiest water possible.

Our purified water starts from a local municipal water source. This water is then properly filtered. First, the water is set through a set of 20 micron filters. Micron filters are used to remove dirt, debris, and microscopic particles from water. Next, the water moves through a carbon fiber tank to ensure that it stays clean. After that, the water moves through five additional micron filters. Finally, the water is put through reverse osmosis membranes that strip the water of any industrial or natural contaminants. Once the water is fully purified, it runs through an additional carbon filter and then a UV light filter. This ensures that any microscopic materials that may have been missed are killed and removed from the water. The water moves through one last micron filter before it is ready for bottling.

Our purified water delivery service brings our purified water in three or five-gallon bottles. If you are looking to supply your workspace with healthy and clean water, we recommend going with five-gallon bottles. If you have a small family, we recommend the three-gallon size.

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