Our natural spring water is sourced from free-flowing springs located high atop Palomar Mountain in San Diego County and the favorite choice of many Southern California consumers, retail outlets, restaurants, event organizers and business owners. Palomar Mountain Spring Water is pure spring water, free from any contamination, bottled with the highest level of care and its attention for quality.

For your convenience, a spring water refill station is available 24 hours a day at our bottling facility in Escondido.


Palomar Water

We collect our naturally alkalized water straight from the source and transport it directly to our bottling facility in stainless steel water tankers. We do not add to or change our water so you can enjoy high quality, pure, clean and healthy spring water in the way Mother Nature had in mind.

Our fine water is tested daily with impeccable results every time; our spring water is always pure. You can test our water yourself, by visiting our spring on the South Grade Road, close to the top. We make our spring water available to all visitors so you can taste our pure spring water.


Our purified water starts from a local municipal water source and is processed through a set of 20 micron filters, a carbon tank and then a set of 5 micron filters. Our reverse osmosis membranes then strip the water of all its industrial and natural contaminants.

This water is fully purified when it is then run through another set of carbon filters, a UV light, a 1 micron filter & ozonated (adding oxygen).  We immediately bottled this purified water into 3 & 5 gallon bottles.

Palomar Water


For our best selling sparkling spring water we carbonate our pure naturally alkalized spring water with natural CO2. Just enough provides a refreshing crisp taste and because we add no sodium, our natural crisp spring water has no after taste.

Our sparkling spring water comes in designer Flip Top 1 liter glass bottles, delivered to your home or business in a 12 pack container. As our Flip Top bottles are of collector quality, they cannot be purchased.

Instead, we clean and refill your bottles for you so they can be reused, which makes it an environmentally friendly way to enjoy our great tasting sparkling spring water with zero waste involved.

Palomar Water


Palomar Water

The basis for our distilled water is purified water which is steam distilled. This means that all of its impurities are being removed by boiling the water and then condensing the steam into one, three & five gallon bottles.

Distilled water contains no other ingredients other than just clean water. Distilled water is used in many industries that cannot work with the impurities that are often found in municipal water.

Returnable 3 & 5 Gallon Dispenser Bottles




With our fine spring water on tap option, you will have guaranteed clean water at your fingertips at all times, without the hassle of water dispensers and bottles. Through a 60 gallon tank, 100% pure Palomar Mountain Spring Water is distributed straight from the source to a water tap that can be plumbed to your kitchen sink, refrigerator water dispenser, ice maker, your wet bar or any other any other destination of your choice. Imagine better tasting coffee, tea, fruit juices, soups, ice cubes, and mixed beverages.

Many of our fans also use spring water on tap for cooking purposes. We also install Palomar Mountain Spring Water on tap at businesses, where it can be distributed to drinking fountains, coffee makers, hot and cold water dispensers and as an ingredient for food and beverage manufacturing.

As there is no packaging involved with tapped spring water, you will support a better environment as there is zero waste involved. That makes consuming Palomar Water a sustainable, environmentally friendly way to enjoy our great tasting spring water.


Palomar Water

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