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Palomar Premium Spring Water has been a much appreciated ingredient for food and beverage manufacturers. The high quality and pureness of Palomar water, and the fact that is non-fluoridated and naturally alkaline, makes it an excellent water base for foods and drinks.

Beverage manufacturers use fine Palomar Water both as a base for their flavored drinks, but also to custom-label it with their own brand. The food industry uses our spring water both as a food constituent and to pack canned food in water. As water in foods influences the structure, the appearance and the taste of food, it is important that it is of the purest quality. Food and beverage producers chose Palomar Mountain Premium Spring Water because of its soft taste and the high quality of the water.

Palomar Mountain Spring Water is delivered straight from the source to local food and beverage manufacturers in Southern California and is therefore an environmentally friendly, zero-waste choice. Our fine water is tested several times a week with impeccable results all the time: our spring water is always pure. In addition our water is tested yearly by an independent 3rd party laboratory.

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Dark Horse logo“Palomar spring water is our secret ingredient. The secret is out.” Daniel Charlson, founder of Dark Horse Coffee Roasters