custom bottled water for restaurantsWith its custom-labeled reusable glass water bottles, Palomar Mountain Fine Spring Water offers a sustainable, zero-waste program for restaurants. Both our still and sparkling spring water are currently served by the best restaurants in southern California. Consumers of our award winning water agree that our fine spring water complements their dining experience, and restaurant owners love to serve our water as the trendy refillable swing-top glass bottles are a stylish addition to the dining table.

Restaurants that serve Palomar Spring Water join a general trend whereby consumers increasingly request local products in order to contribute to a smaller carbon footprint. As we bottle our spring water in reusable bottles, restaurant owners create a sustainable zero-waste system and therefore a better environment.

We provide still spring water in clear glass bottles and sparkling spring water in frosted glass bottles. Before refilling our glass bottles, we clean and sanitize them. After we have refilled the bottles we seal them with tamper-proof seals. If desired, bottles can be labeled with a custom-designed brand label. Restaurants have also been serving Palomar Mountain Premium Spring Water with its own label and have been getting positive reviews because of it.

Palomar Mountain Premium Spring Water runs a timely water delivery service for restaurants throughout Southern California. Contact us to schedule a spring water delivery.