Why Spring Water is the Ideal Water for Human Consumption?

Natural spring water contains trace elements that go beyond enhancing the taste of the water and provide a safer and healthier alternative to tap water. Many bottled water suppliers claim that they source their water from springs, but only a few like Palomar Mountain Premium Spring Water own land with natural springs. This is important to ensure that the home water delivery San Diego service is providing healthy and pure drinking water for your family.

What is Natural Spring Water?

Spring water originates in the underground and flows to the surface at specific locations. It can be collected at the spring, or the underground source can be accessed through a hole. Spring water is considered even better than distilled water due to its natural mineral content. The ideal spring water for human consumption undergoes no other treatment except filtration for removing bacteria. The alkalinity in the water is retained in its natural form, making it ideal for human use.

Palomar Mountain Premium Spring owns over 160 acres of are in the Palomar Mountain in San Diego County, Southern California. The company sources spring water with all its natural mineral content straight from ancient springs. The water has a natural alkaline constituency. The home water delivery San Diego service doesn’t add or change the water in any way. It is delivered to homes and businesses throughout the region after removing pathogens.

Why Choose Spring Water over Distilled Water?

Distilled water is safe for consumption; however, it is pure and clean water without any minerals. You can drink it, but it is not what nature intended humans to take. Whatever the source of distilled water, the natural minerals are removed during distillation. If you are going to drink only distilled water, you are not going to receive the essential minerals from water in the state it exists in nature. Even the WHO claims that drinking distilled water on a consistent basis can result in a deficiency of over a dozen micronutrients require for maintaining health. Distilled water, however, is recommended for use with appliances to prevent the build-up of minerals over time.

What is Purified Water?

Purified water meets very high standards for drinking water. It removes impurities to a level of less than 10 ppm. It focuses on eliminating pathogens and chemicals. All water undergoes some filtration, so purified water cannot be classified just as filtered water. It meets higher levels of standards for purification and filtration. It can be sourced from anywhere including tap water, groundwater, or spring water.

Once you compare all the different options available for home water delivery San Diego, you will realize that spring water is the best form of drinking water.

How is Spring Water Formed?

Spring water forms in places where there are rocks, such as the Palomar Mountain in San Diego County. The texture of the soft rocks allows water to well through. The springs are created whenever the water level in underground aquifers reaches the surface level. Spring water is considered safe and healthy for drinking without the need for any treatment, except for the removal of pathogens and microbes. When you choose bottled spring water, make sure that it has been tested, filtered and certified as per the EPA standards.

Why Choose Palomar Spring Water?

As already mentioned, there are many reasons for choosing Palomar Spring home water delivery San Diego. The most important ones include the following:

Thus, there are many reasons for choosing natural spring water. And Palomar Mountain Premium Spring Water offers convenient and reliable home water delivery San Diego to ensure that you and your family can drink safe and healthy water every day.