All There Is To Know About Spring Water

Today there are many different types of water available for human consumption and use. While each has its advantages and utility, the difference in them results from their source of origin. There was a time when water was only known to come to households through taps. With the advent of bottled water, another source of the same got added in the daily lives of people. Bottled water, however, had to be bought at shops while tap water was free flowing from the taps in a person’s house. Yet today bottled water has become extremely popular. Spring water is also an option which is fast coming up and its popularity has resulted in many people wanting to find what is spring water. With so many different options available, not many of us know the difference between the types of water being used today.

Tap water

This water generally comes from a central manmade source and needs to get certified as being safe for drinking. This certification ensures that this water is free from the presence of:

The certification also ensures that the water is palatable, aesthetically pleasing both in appearance and in odour. There are different processes used to ensure that tap water meets up to the specified standards. These processes include settling and coagulation to remove the presence of immiscible impurities, then filtering to remove the minute impurities and finally disinfecting for the complete removal and regrowth of harmful micro-organisms. Since tap water contains both natural and man-made impurities some of which are mild in their aftereffects and result only in the discolouration of water or change in taste while other are strong enough to give rise to water-borne diseases like dysentery, jaundice etc. Chlorine and fluorine are disinfectants which are widely used the world over to prevent outbreak of these diseases. There are also times when tap water might come with a slight smell of chlorine.

Spring water

In order to find what is spring water it is very important to understand its source. Water which is available under the ground in places wherein water table is sufficiently nearer to the surface of the Earth sometimes comes out of the surface naturally to form of springs. It is thus a component of the hydrosphere and flows to the surface of the earth from an aquifer. This water generally contains a number of minerals most of which are extremely useful for the human body. Of course there may also be certain elements present which may cause health issues. The presence of these minerals depends on the composition of the rocks found in a particular area. In general because of the constant flow of spring water, many different types of minerals and elements get dissolved in it.

Typically this spring water accumulates on the surface of the earth in the form of either fresh water lakes or pools or even as meandering streams. In order to ensure that this water is safe to use, it is made to undergo a process of purification wherein all the essential elements are left intact while the other solid impurities and harmful elements are eliminated. Thus spring water not only has good taste but is also rich in essential minerals thereby enabling the human body to stay hydrated as well as enriched with the essential minerals that it requires. This water is also sold in the markets by well-known and trusted companies like Palomar in the form of bottled mineral water of various sizes.

Filtered water

In some places water that comes out of the tap is already purified but undergoes a further process of filtration to remove out most of the contaminants that might still be present in it. Typically the filtration process tends to clear out micro-organisms like bacteria, pesticides as well as any presence of heavy metals like arsenic. This filtration process can be facilitated by the use of water filters at home containing the following filters either singly or in combination.

While tap water is commonly available and generally filtered for consumption to meet the daily requirements of the human body, bottled spring water is extremely useful to carry and consume in places where safe drinking water might not be available. Hence the choice of water depends on the availability of safe water for consumption at a particular place.