60 Gallon Size We Go To Great Lengths To Offer Our Mountain Spring Water On Tap.
People love Palomar Mountain Spring Water in our handy-sized bottles. But we knew that people would love an endless supply of our water at their fingertips at home or at work, even more. So we poured over better ways to bring our great tasting water to you. The answer became crystal clear.

Introducing Our Convenient 60 Gallon Size.
Actually it's an ingenious 60 gallon system. The most convenient and economical way to enjoy our 100% natural, delicious tasting spring water. On tap. Here's how it works. Every day our fleet of sparkling stainless steel tanker trucks are filled with our pure spring water that flows up from subterranean aquifers at the peak of Palomar Mountain. After careful testing to ensure consistent quality and purity, we can deliver our great tasting water to a 60 gallon tank installed in your garage or other convenient location.

Bottled Water Without The Bottle.
At home, your 60 gallon tank pumps our mountain spring water to your kitchen sink, refrigerator water dispenser, ice maker, even your wet bar. At work, the 60 gallon system puts our water on tap at drinking fountains, coffee makers, and hot and cold water dispensers. Unlike remanufactured city water or a reverse osmosis system that wastes several gallons for every gallon it creates, ours is naturally filtered. Palomar Mountain Spring Water has important natural trace minerals and no chemical additives. The tank is equipped with an automatic indicator so you won't run out before refilling. And, with our 60 gallon system, you're assured of having adequate water in case of an earthquake or other natural disaster.

Tastes Great. Less Spilling.
People love our natural, fresh water for drinking. Enjoy better tasting coffee, tea, fruit juices, soups, ice cubes, and mixed beverages. For cooking and wherever, using better tasting, natural, fresh mountain spring water just makes sense. Our 60 gallon system puts an end to lifting and spilling heavy 5 gallon bottles. Eliminates countless trips to the market for bottled water and frequent bottled water deliveries to your home, as well. And, we deliver a healthy savings over 5 gallon prices too.

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