Palomar Mountain Premium Spring Water Palomar Mountain Premium Spring Water was originally owned and operated by residents of Palomar Mountain. It was the fulfillment of their dream to establish this service in March of 1985. They had purchased 160 acres of land on Palomar Mountain many years ago. This property had 19 springs with the purest of nature's wonder; clear and delicious spring water.

A system was originally developed that would bring this 100 % naturally pure drinking water to the homes and businesses of San Diego county. This system was so unique to the original form of current water delivery services that the public response was overshelmingly positive. PMSW could deliver spring water from the top of the mountain directly into a 60-gallon reservoir for residential or commercial use. This service was able to channel spring water to the kitchen sink, refrigerator/freezer, wet bar, and/or bathroom. This spring water would never see sunlight until ready for consumption.

Two business associates believed in Palomar Mountain Spring Water's unique service and quality spring water. The partnership was formed. In 1989 the bottling line was formed for the production of packaged water. Sixteen ounce to 2.5-gallon bottled water was produced and made available to many local merchants and chain stores throughout San Diego county. Today Palomar Mountain Spring Water can be seen in homes, offices and convenience stores. The international market opened in 1995 with current distribution in Mexico, Guam, and Panama.

We at Palomar Mountain Spring Water take pride in our product and services. We believe we have the finest mountain spring water in the United States. Our philosophy entails a firm belief in being the best. And that is why we offer unparalleled purity and remarkable taste in our products.

Palomar Water - Products Palomar Mountain Premium Spring Water is a natural resource from springs located atop Palomar Mountain in Southern California. "Natural" is defined as "exact to original composition with the absence of any form of artificial or synthetic materials". Unlike some water, ours does not pass over any surface that may have been tainted by contaminants, whether they be by natural means such as farming and ranching residue, or synthetic contaminants created by industrial or environmental wastes. Our pure spring water source is high on the mountain above the smog level and miles away from any Gasoline station and an analysis by a State Certified Laboratory prove that our source water complies with all of the requirements of California Proposition 65, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), and the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA). The source water is free of MTBE and any other Synthetic Organic Chemicals.

Our stainless steel tankers, which demand strictly regulated procedures, ensure the highest quality form of courier between the mountain and our production facility. The Spring Water is transferred from the tanker through FDA and NSF approved channels, filtered through a one micron absolute filter to remove any single celled protozoan type microorganism, passed through a high intensity Ultra Violet light to destroy any bacteria,and then stored in stainless steel holding tanks. Prior to bottling the water is again treated with high intensity Ultra Violet light, filtered through a one micron absolute filter, Ozonated to sanitize the water, and filtered again with a 0.2 micron absolute filter.

Our Quality System is ISO 9002 certified by ITS Intertek Services to the American National Standard Institute ISO 9002-1994 standard.

All specifications of our water comply with Food and Drug Administration regulations for bottled water production, as well as any applicable state or local agency requirements.We are a member of the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), the California Bottled Water Association (CBWA), the National Spring Water Association (NSWA), and our quality system has been approved by the National SanitationFoundation (NSF). Palomar MountainSpring Water has met all standards and believes exceeding expectations of others is the only way to create a higher quality product.

Remarkable Taste

Taste is another important factor for water consumers to consider. Taste, whether it is perceived as good taste or bad, can have a dramatic effect on how much water one drinks and how much they enjoy the experience-not to mention how healthy they remain. Obviously, to some degree, taste is subjective and a matter of perception. But taste is also influenced by foreign elements that may be introduced into the water-or that may be missing from the water- for one reason or another.

Most municial drinking water contains a wide array of additional ingredients, either to counteract the detrimental effects of contamination or to modify the taste and make it more palatable.

Palomar Mountain Spring Water contains nothing synthetic or artificial, for any reason whatsoever. And that means nothing to adversely affect the flavor of this remarkable, life-affirming elixir.

Palomar Mountain Spring Water. It is remarkably refreshing and tastes terrific. Swallow, after swallow, after swallow.

Unparalleled Purity

As many of the world's traditional sources for drinking water become more and more compromised with contaminants, bottled waters of every quality and description have become increasingly popular with savvy consumers who are justifiably concerned with important health, hygiene, and purity issues regarding the water they drink.

In the United States, all bottled waters must be inspected, sampled, analyzed, and certified as safe and sanitary in order to receive official approval by the U.S. Federal Food and Drug Administration. The water-quality standards for the state of California are even more stringent than those of the federal government.

We are very pleased to report that Palomar Mountain Spring Water exceeds all federal and state requirements. Moreover, as a matter of company policy, 50 to 60 random samples, direct from the mountain are rigorously tested in our own on-site laboratory every day to ensure that our spring waters are always contaminant-free from any artificial or synthetic contents whatsoever. The National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and the International Bottled Water Association have both independently evaluated the quality system of Palomar Mountain Spring Water and awarded it identical scores of 96%.

Palomar Mountain Spring Water. So very good. And so good for you. Swallow, after swallow, after swallow.

Palomar Mountain Premium Spring Water
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